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Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Atlas Interpreters has served as a communication bridge among businesses, government agencies, and the public by providing interpreting and translation services since 1989. Our extensive network allows us to match you with experienced interpreters and translators based on the nature of your company’s industry (legal, medical, technological, educational, etc.) and the specifics of the assignment (client meetings, conferences, translating contracts, localization, etc.) in order to maximize your business aspirations and opportunities. Moreover, with the same commitment and professionalism as corporations, we work closely with you to provide fast, high quality, and cost-effective services to government agencies and individuals.

Atlas Interpreters is a proud member of the Northern California Translators Association (NCTA) and the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce. We are also in compliance with the requirements given by the Human Rights Commission of the City and the County of San Jose.


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